The Billionaire Mindset



The Secrets of Business Success!

Starting a new business venture and successfully running it is not that easy as it seems. The statistics speaks for itself.

Do you know 90 percent of the new businesses collapse within the first five years and even from the remaining 10 per cent, again 90 per cent of them are rarely profitable? Another startling research finding is the total wealth created by the top one percent businesses is more than the combined wealth of the rest. 

So, what is it that the top one percent business enterprises doing differently to continuously reap rich dividends, even when the pandemic crushed the world economy? How did they overcome the same challenges that spelled doom for small and medium scale players?

The Billionaire Mindset Program has been designed by Dr PP Vijayan, internationally-acclaimed Business Strategist, Success Coach, Mind Trainer and Psychologist, after in-depth research over a period of 12 years into the strategies used by over 1200 billionaires. You will also learn about crucial wealth-making ideas in captivating modules as part of the four-day long course.

The course also dwells on the hidden potentials of the mind, especially the subconscious one. If a person knows the ways to control his or her mind, then he or she can easily put thoughts into the subconscious mind and turn the same to reality. The aspiring entrepreneurs will be given extensive training on how to leverage their mind to take their businesses to incredible heights.

Business is not a matter of guts. It should be properly planned with the brain and kindled with the mind. Planning and executing a business is a painstaking process. The course simultaneously trains candidates to tap the unlimited potential of the mind power and teaches them time-tested business strategies. It explores each and every aspect of business execution – right from inception, operation and reviving a business.

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